Aiding or Abetting Drag Racing, Speed Contest

Colorado Traffic Ticket Attorney Monte Robbins defends clients who have been charged with aiding or abetting a drag race, also called a speed contest, or exhibition acceleration, or exhibition of speed.

In Colorado it is illegal for a person to aid or abet a driver in a speed contest or exhibition. The statute that prohibits aiding or abetting a drag race, speed contest is very subjective, and offers limited guidance as to what a jury may construe as aiding and abetting. The statute cites facilitating, or preparations incident to a speed contest. Also included are obstructing a highway via barricade or obstruction or assisting another person in placing a barricade or obstruction upon a highway.

Under the Colorado state statute, a person who assists a speed contest in the many proscribed by statute is punished the same as the driver in the speed contest. Aiding or abetting is punishable by jail of 10 days to 90 days, restitution, court costs, fines, community service, 12 points against a driver’s license, and subsequent suspension of a driver’s license. This charge is a Class 2 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense.

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