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Arrests and Interrogations: Your Rights and the Law

The Constitution guarantees certain rights when it comes to interactions with law enforcement. Here, we address common inquiries to help you understand these protections during arrests and police questioning.

When Is a Warrant Required for an Arrest?

The Law Office of Monte J. Robbins, Esq., wants you to know that the police typically need "probable cause" to believe a crime has occurred, and that the person they intend to arrest is responsible, to arrest someone without a warrant. However, an individual's residence is sacred under the law. For nonserious offenses and without concerns of evidence tampering or public safety threats, law enforcement must obtain a warrant to make an arrest in one's home.

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If I'm Arrested, Are the Police Obligated To Inform Me of My Rights?

Not initially. But if police engage in questioning after an arrest and intend to use your responses as evidence, they must provide a "Miranda warning." This includes your rights to remain silent, to have an attorney, and to cease speaking with officers at any time. If you're not under police custody, these warnings aren't necessary, and any spontaneous admissions can be used against you.

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What if I Wasn't Given a Miranda Warning During Questioning?

A failure to provide a Miranda warning means any statements you make cannot be used to convict you. If evidence is discovered due to questioning without warnings, that evidence may be excluded, unless the police can prove they would have found it regardless of your statements.

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How Should I Assert My Right To Remain Silent Under Questioning?

Exercise your right to silence by clearly stating your desire to speak to an attorney or asserting that you do not wish to talk any further. Police must cease questioning once you declare your rights. If they persist, any subsequent statements or derived evidence cannot be presented at your trial.

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To What Extent Can Police Question Me?

Any information you willingly give to police, after a proper Miranda warning, can typically be used in court. Interrogation using force or coercive tactics is not permissible, and any evidence gained via these methods is inadmissible. It's essential to document any signs of physical coercion, as psychological pressure is challenging to prove and courts often favor the testimony of law enforcement.

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Can I Be Compelled To Provide Bodily Samples if I'm Charged With a Crime?

Bodily samples are considered physical evidence, not testimonial, and the Supreme Court has ruled that collecting such samples does not violate the Fifth Amendment's protection against self-incrimination.

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Is It Legal To Be Stopped and Questioned at a Police Roadblock?

It is lawful, provided police apply a consistent method for stopping vehicles and limit driver inconvenience. They cannot target specific cars without reasonable suspicion to believe a traffic violation or crime has been committed.

For inquiries concerning driving under the influence and other legal concerns, please feel free to explore our comprehensive "Drunk Driving FAQ" or contact The Law Office of Monte J. Robbins, Esq., at 303-355-5148 for legal guidance.

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Client Reviews
"An excellent lawyer choice for my son who was charged with driving while his license was revoked. DMV had mistakenly sent (3) letters of revocation to the incorrect address, so I hired Monty to prove that my son never knew his license was revoked. Monty kept me informed at all times as to what was happening and what he doing to prove my son's innocence in this matter. We were to appear in court on 29 March 2012 and Monte informed us on 27 March 2012, that the case had been dismissed!!! Monte charged a fair, flat rate for what he did in this matter and should the need arise to hire a lawyer or to recommend a lawyer, I would not hesitate to give Monte's name.” Linda
"I consulted three other attorneys on my traffic offense in Colorado and none of them thought I could beat it. Then I consulted with Monte Robbins. He not only relieved my warrant without my presence in Colorado, but he got my habitual driving offense reduced to an infraction. I was up against the wall on this case but thanks to Monte miracles are possible. I have hired my share of attorneys and Monte Robbins has produced the best results for me yet. After being without my driving privileges for ten years I paid a small fine and am legal with a clean record. I Highly recommend this attorney." Steve
"I hired Monte J. Robbins to represent me. He gave 110% to my case never rushed me off the phone, quick to gather all information regarding my case. Monte is very knowledgeable and helped me out a lot. He kept me informed every step of the way through my case. I was always able to get a hold of him for any questions i had. The outcome of my case was way better then i had expected. Monte did a excellent job on my case and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Monte won my case and I am confident that he can do the same for anyone else." Jeremy