Automotive Salesperson License Revocation Hearing

New and used automotive dealer salespeople in Colorado are required to be licensed through the state of Colorado.

In Colorado, there are a multitude of reasons the state may deny, suspend, or revoke an automotive salesperson’s license. The following are a summary of the grounds for suspension, denial, or revocation:

  1. Engaging in fraudulent business practices
  2. Making a misstatement in an automotive salesperson license application
  3. Selling or attempting to sell or offer, exchange, or lease a motor vehicle for a dealer for which the salesperson doesn’t have a license
  4. A salesperson representing that he or she is a salesperson for a dealer when he or she does not have a valid salesperson license for that dealer
  5. Not maintaining a bond at a licensed dealer
  6. Engaging in advertising which is misleading, inaccurate, or misrepresents any motor vehicle products.
  7. Failing to comply with any regulations or rules of the dealer board or the executive director or provision of the statute relating to automobile dealers part 1 of professions and occupations Title 12, automobiles, article 6 of the Colorado Revised Statutes
  8. A conviction or a no contest plea to a felony offense or any crime under article 3, 4, or 5 of title 18, C.R.S. or a “like crime” pursuant to federal law or any state
  9. Selling, buying, disposing of, or acquiring a stolen motor vehicle
  10. Employers must not employ an unlicensed motor vehicle salesperson
  11. Salespersons must not violate any statutes or regulations, federal or state, regarding odometers. Defrauding a purchaser, or selling or representing that a vehicle is new when it is in fact a demo or used vehicle
  12. A salesperson who sells a motor vehicle not in compliance with the requirements by statute, part 2, article 4, or title 42 may be grounds for denial, suspension or revocation, unless the vehicle is sold as a “tow away”
  13. A violation of a state or federal law, rule, or regulation relating to motor vehicles or commerce
  14. Converting, withholding, or converting money from a customer is grounds as well as the licensing character, criminal character, financial character of the applicant. Violation of an order of the board is also grounds
  15. If an applicant is convicted or pled no contest to the following offenses within the last 10 years in Colorado, or a similar crime in another state or under federal law, the person’s license shall be revoked: a felony offense under article 5,4, or 3 under title 18, C.R.S., or a crime involving motor vehicle title fraud, salvage fraud, odometer fraud, or defrauding a retail customer in a motor vehicle sale or lease transaction

Attorney Robbins has experience in representing automotive salespersons in license revocation, suspension, and denial hearings at the Colorado Department of Revenue. If you or a loved is facing the loss of their automotive dealer salesperson license in Colorado, contact Attorney Robbins today for a free case evaluation at 303-355-5148 or 970-301-5541.