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There were 2,854 DUI and DWAI cases filed in Adams County, Colorado in 2014.  Adams County is number 2 on the list of most filed DUI and DWAI charges in the entire state of Colorado.  Amongst all of the drivers charged, the average BAC was a .162, roughly two times the "per se" (.08) limit in Colorado.

Adams County Court handles DUI cases originating from the following massive list of police departments: Arvada Police Department, Aurora Police Department, the town of Bennett (via a contract with the Adams County Sheriff's Department), Brighton Police Department, Westminster Police Department, Thornton Police Department, Northglenn Police Department, Federal Heights Police Department, Commerce City Police Department, the Adams County Sheriff's Department, and the Colorado State Patrol.  In light of the sheer number of DUI and DWAI arrests annually in Adams County and the lengthy list of police agencies involved, to state that Adams County is a very active jurisdiction for DUI enforcement would be an understatement.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Adams County Court, you must act within seven (7) days to protect your driver's license by requesting a hearing with the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles.  Any full service DMV office may handle a request for an administrative hearing after an alcohol stop.  It's important to note that there is no flexibility in the 7 day time period to request a hearing.  The 7 day time period also includes weekends and holidays (thus because DMV is not open on the weekends or during holidays, the real time period to request a hearing is shorter than 7 days).  If a person does not timely request a hearing, the DMV will enter a driver's license revocation without a hearing.  Thus it is critical to protect your rights and privilege to drive by requesting a hearing within 7 days.  Note that Adams County Court judges do not preside over the driver's license hearing.  The adminstrative driver's license hearing is a completely separate case from the DUI case in Adams County Court.  The administrative hearing will be scheduled either in person at the Colorado Department of Revenue Hearings Division or will be scheduled via telephone.  A hearing officer employed by the Colorado Department of Revenue will preside over the hearing and make findings of fact and conclusions of law.  The burden of proof at an Express Consent Revocation Hearing (DMV hearing after an alcohol stop) is by a preponderance of the evidence.

The Adams County Justice Center is located at 1100 Judicial Center Drive, Brighton, Colorado.  There are numerous divisions/judges which hear DUI matters at the courthouse. 

Although each court division judge is bound by Colorado law and imposes specific penalties mandated by statute, these penalties can vary from division to division.  As such, it is important for a person who is charged with either DUI or DWAI to retain a lawyer that has experience in the particular county where the case is charged and is familiar with the variances in the divisions where the cases are heard.  This information can greatly assist a person who is facing a DUI charge by providing her with a better understanding of what to expect and what may or may not be possible as the case progresses through the system.

Attorney Robbins has represented numerous clients charged with DUI, DWAI, and DUI with prior offenses in Adams County Court.  Attorney Robbins maintains offices in Greeley, Denver, and Fort Collins for the convenience of his clients.  Contact Mr. Robbins today at 970-301-5541 or 303-355-5148 for a free evaluation of your Adams County DUI charge.
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