Careless Driving Caused Death

Careless driving resulting in death is a serious charge and the cases are often very emotional for both the victim’s family and the defendant driver. This charge is a class one (1) misdemeanor traffic offense and carries a penalty of ten (10) days in jail up to one (1) year and a fine of $300 up to $1000 plus the possibility of restitution. If restitution is ordered in a careless driving resulting in death case, the victim’s estate may still pursue a civil action against a defendant driver.

To prove this charge, the prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that 1) the defendant drove carelessly; and 2) the careless driving directly (“proximately”) caused the death of another.

A privately-retained accident reconstruction expert may be helpful in this type of case to dispute the findings of a police accident investigation.

Twelve (12) points are assessed against a driver’s privilege to drive for a conviction of this charge. An adult driver twenty-one (21) years of age or older will lose his or her driver’s license upon the accumulation of twelve (12) points in a twelve (12) month period. Therefore, a conviction will result in the suspension of person’s driver’s license. A driver may apply for a probationary “red license” at a motor vehicle hearing conducted by the Colorado Department of Revenue, however it is at the hearing officer’s discretion whether to grant or deny probationary privileges.

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