Colorado Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

Navigating through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) maze can be a complex and intimidating process when a driver is trying to reinstate her privilege to drive in Colorado.

Depending upon the nature of the revocation, restraint, or suspension, different steps and special DMV forms may be needed to complete the process as quickly as possible for in state and out of state residents.

Many times out of state drivers will encounter a hold on their license in Colorado due to varying factors including an unpaid traffic ticket, an arrest warrant for a traffic offense, an active Outstanding Judgment Warrant (OJW), a financial responsibility issue, unpaid restitution in a traffic case, child support, a failure to comply with probation for a DUI or DWAI offense, or various other factors. Once a driver has been placed on the “national list”, it can be a complicated and time consuming process to clear a driver off the list and release their “hold”.

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