Denver Gore Violation Ticket

If you’ve received a Gore violation ticket in the City of Denver recently, you’re not alone. It seems the Denver Police particularly like writing tickets for Gore violations whenever they can.

What is a gore anyway? A gore is typically a triangular piece of land/roadway where roads split or merge. Some people refer to the area as a “merge nose” or “merge point” where two roads merge. Regardless of what you call the area, it’s off limits for drivers and the Denver Police regularly cite drivers for it. Their other favorite ticket is a speeding ticket at Denver International Airport. But that’s a whole different story…

Gores on highways are typically marked with stripes at both entrance and exit points of the highway. These designations help drivers accelerate or decelerate to the appropriate speed for the traffic zone they are entering or exiting. When entering the highway, there is typically a triangle shaped area painted with white boundary lines on the left-hand side of the driver. This lets the driver know when it is legal to switch lanes and join the other traffic on the highway. Similarly, exit ramps also contain a triangle area marked by white boundary lines that indicate to a driver when they can safely merge on to the exit ramp.

Denver Police Officers may ticket drivers who either switch back into the flow of traffic if they’ve merged onto the wrong exit ramp. Or, they cross the gore at the last minute to exit due to the driving patterns of other drivers possibly blocking a driver’s ability to exit at the perfect time. Alternatively, a driver may receive a ticket for switching into the flow of traffic too quickly from an entrance ramp before the gore area has been passed. Regardless of the underlying facts of the case, gore violation tickets can quickly cost a driver three (3) points against her driver’s license, fines and court costs, increased insurance rates, and the headaches of going to court.

The Denver Municipal Code indicates essentially that it is illegal for a driver to cross a gore zone- that’s it. The code section is very vague and very subjective. Denver Traffic Attorney Monte Robbins has extensive experience in defending drivers accused of traffic violations in Denver County Court. Depending upon the facts and circumstances of the particular case, Attorney Monte Robbins may be able to reduce or eliminate the ticket altogether. If you’ve been charged with a gore ticket, speeding ticket, or other traffic ticket in Denver or any other city in Colorado, contact Denver Traffic Attorney Monte Robbins today for a free case evaluation at 303-355-5148 or 1-888-384-2656.

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