Denver Speeding Ticket

There is help for those of you who have had the unfortunate experience of receiving a speeding ticket in Denver. The majority of Denver speeding tickets are charged under the Denver Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C.), rather than under the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.). Charges under the Denver Revised Municipal Code are heard in the old Denver County Courthouse at 1437 Bannock Street. Cases are typically heard in Courtrooms 100K and 105A. If you received a traffic ticket in Denver on a smaller gold/yellow sheet of paper, you are likely charged under the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

Some of the most commonly issued speeding tickets in Denver are tickets issued to unsuspecting travelers on the way to Denver International Airport and various “school zones” and “construction zones” around the Denver metro area.

Certain offenses are eligible for a trial to jury and others are only eligible for a trial to the court. Because most Denver County Court traffic tickets are charged under the Denver Revised Municipal Code, special Municipal Court rules of procedure apply.

If a driver is going 25 miles per hour and more over the limit, often times Denver Police Officers will charge the driver with Careless Driving or even Reckless Driving on top of the already substantial Speeding Offense. Speeding ticket convictions can have a serious impact on a driver’s insurance rates, driver history, and even employment opportunities. The accumulation of too many points can result in a driver’s license suspension.

Attorney Monte Robbins regularly fights for his clients charged in Denver County Court with Denver speeding tickets. Typically a client’s appearance can be waived with Mr. Robbins’s assistance. Mr. Robbins can assist you with preparing your case for trial, making an argument for dismissal, or preparing the case for resolution through a plea bargain to a reduced charge and reduced points. If you or a loved one has been charged with speeding in the City of Denver, contact Attorney Robbins today for a free case evaluation and reasonable flat fee quote at 303-355-5148.

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