Drag Racing, Speed Contest

Denver, Colorado Traffic Ticket Attorney Monte Robbins defends drivers who have been accused of engaging in a speed contest in Colorado.

This charge is commonly referred to as exhibition acceleration, drag racing, or engaging in a speed contest. The penalties for a conviction are severe. The charge is a Class 2 Misdemeanor Criminal Traffic Offense punishable by 10 days to 90 days in jail and a fine of ten dollars up to three hundred dollars plus court costs, restitution, court surcharge fees, and community service. Aside from the criminal portion of the case, a driver’s license can be suspended for the accumulation of too many points. The court entering the conviction will report twelve points to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Upon notice of the conviction, DMV will suspend a driver’s license.

A driver can timely request a hearing at DMV and contest the suspension.

Typically police officers will cite a driver with additional offenses beyond the twelve point drag racing ticket. Often times the police will cite speeding, reckless driving and/or careless driving, and eluding the police. It is not uncommon for a driver to be arrested, his/her car impounded, and charged with multiple offenses often times exceeding 30 or more driver’s license points. For an adult, age 21 and over, it only takes 12 points to suspend a driver’s license.

Some cities, especially Denver, will initiate a collateral civil forfeiture suit regarding the vehicle used in the speed contest.

Denver Traffic Ticket Lawyer Monte Robbins has experience defending drivers who have been charged with drag racing, as well as representing clients who have had their vehicles seized as a result of a civil forfeiture. Contact Denver Traffic Ticket Attorney Monte Robbins today for a free case evaluation at 303-355-5148, 970-301-5541, or toll-free at 1-888-384-2656.