Eluding the Police Resulting in Death

If a driver is fleeing the police and someone is killed as a result of the pursuit, a driver may be charged with Felony Eluding Resulting in Death, a Class 3 Felony, as well as additional Felony Offenses.

The possible penalty for a Class 3 Felony is 4 years to 12 years in prison, or 2 years to 24 years in prison if exceptional circumstances are shown. The period of incarceration is in addition to restitution, court costs, loss of driver’s license, probation, parole, community service, and other penalties as determined by the court. The minimum fine is $6000.00.

A prosecutor must show all of the elements for the offense of Felony Eluding the Police with Reckless Driving, and that a person died as a result of this conduct.

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