Eluding the Police with Bodily Injury

If someone is injured during a police pursuit in Colorado, a driver may be charged with Felony Eluding the Police with Bodily Injury. This charge is a Class 4 Felony and carries a possible sentence of 2 to 6 years in prison, or 1 year to 12 years in prison if exceptional circumstances are shown. The minimum fine is $4000.00.

As such, Felony Eluding the Police with Bodily Injury is a serious charge with serious consequences. In addition to jail or prison, community service, restitution, fines and court costs, parole, probation, and loss of driver’s license are all possible penalties.

All of the same elements of Class 5 Felony Eluding the Police with Reckless Driving must be proven, with the addition of the element of bodily injury to another person.

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