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The town of Georgetown, Colorado, located in Clear Creek County, is a former silver mining camp located directly off of I-70 in the mountains near "Clear Creek" approximately 45 miles west of Denver.  The town has hosted many movies including a scene from Clint Eastwood's Every Which Way But Loose, the film Phantoms, two Perry Mason made-for-tv movies, the movie Switchback with Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid, and a John Denver movie entitled The Christmas Gift.  Aside from these occasional appearances in movies, the town of Georgetown and Clear Creek County areas are known for aggressive DUI enforcement.

In 2014, Clear Creek County Court saw 120 DUI and DWAI cases processed through its court system with an average BAC of .159.  The Clear Creek County Courthouse is located at 405 Argentine in Georgetown, Colorado and is open from 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm.  The Georgetown Police Department, the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office, and the Colorado State Patrol are active law enforcement agencies in the county.

The 5th Judicial District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting Clear Creek County DUI cases.  The 5th Judicial District Attorney's Office prosecutes cases throughout the following counties in the Colorado mountains: Clear Creek County, Summit County, Lake County, and Eagle County.  The Clear Creek County Office is located at 619 5th Street in Georgetown.

If you were arrested in Clear Creek County for DUI or DWAI you will either be released on a Summons (a promise to appear) or the Court will require you to post a cash/property/surety/personal recognizance bond securing your appearance at the next court date.  Bond conditions may include that you have no further violations of law while released on bond, that you not travel outside of Colorado during the pendency of the case,  that you not drive without a valid driver's license and insurance, and that you participate in pretrial services monitored sobriety during the pendency of the case.  A judge may also impose similar conditions of ongoing release on summons.  If these conditions are imposed the Court typically orders them at the initial court date.

Upon arrest you must also act within 7 days to protect your right to a hearing regarding your driver's license.  Even though some of the DUI cases prosecuted in Clear Creek County involve out of state residents with out of state driver's licenses, it is still vitally important to request a DMV hearing.  Any full service DMV office may handle the administrative hearing request.  This procedure applies for person who submit a breath test or are alleged to have refused a chemical test at the direction of the police officer.

Alternatively, if you submitted a blood test the results will be mailed to your current address on file with the Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles.  Upon receipt of a letter from the DMV, you must request a hearing in writing by the deadline indicated in the letter.

The DMV hearing gives a lawyer an opportunity to challenge the driver's license revocation and cross-examine the officer regarding his testimony at the hearing and his reports.  The DMV hearing also serves as a fact finding function for the lawyer to find out what really happened in the case rather than just relying upon what a police officer testifies to (or fails to mention) or writes (or fails to write) in his reports.  Obtaining a transcript of a thorough cross-examination at the DMV hearing may prove to be a useful tool in the pending DUI matter.  The police officer will be sworn in under oath at the DMV hearing and the entire proceeding is audio recorded.  Express Consent Revocation Hearings as a result of an alcohol stop are held via telephone for Clear Creek County cases.

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