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Fighting DUI charges in Jefferson County Court in Golden, Colorado.  Attorney Monte Robbins fights for good people charged with DUI, DUI per se, DWAI, DUI drugs/Marijuana and Felony DUI offenses in Jefferson County Court.  Jefferson County DUI Attorney Monte Robbins has the experience and knowledge in Jefferson County Court to aggressively and professionally represent the rights of those accused of drunk driving.  Golden DUI Lawyer Monte Robbins has been representing good people charged with DUI offenses in Jefferson County Court for over 15 years.  Take the first steps in protecting your driver's license and your freedom by contacting Attorney Jefferson County DUI Lawyer Monte Robbins today for a free case evaluation at 303-355-5148.

The Jefferson County Court is located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden, Colorado 80401.  The court docket may be searched at the state court's website.  If you've been charged with drunk driving in Jefferson County Court, you were likely contacted by one of a multitude of police departments who conduct DUI enforcement in Jefferson County including: Colorado State Patrol, Wheat Ridge Police, Lakewood Police, Jefferson County Sheriff, Arvada Police, Littleton Police, Mountain View Police, Lakeside Police, Edgewater Police, Golden Police, Morrison Police, and Westminster Police.  These law enforcement agencies were responsible for the 1,941 Misdemeanor DUI charges and 153 Felony DUI charges filed in Jefferson County Court in 2019.

One of the first steps to take in investigating a Jefferson County Court DUI offense is to obtain the "discovery" from the 1st Judicial District District Attorney's Office.  The discovery will include the police reports, audio and video recordings, criminal history, driver history, and other documentation relied upon by the district attorney in prosecuting the case.  The defendant in the case is entitled to a copy of this same information as required by Crim. P. 16 of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Don't forget to request an Express Consent DMV Hearing in your Jefferson County drunk driving case within 7 days.  This hearing may be requested at any full service DMV office anywhere in the state of Colorado.  Requesting this hearing is a critical step to take regardless of whether the person charged with DUI lives in Colorado or out of state, or whether the person had a valid driver's license at the time of the alleged DUI offense.  When properly utilized, the DMV hearing can be an invaluable tool in further investigating the DUI case and exploring potential issues and defenses for the Jefferson County Court DUI case.

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