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The Weld County District Attorney's Office filed 1,122 DUI and DWAI cases in the year 2019, which is in the state's top ten judicial districts for most DUI/DWAI cases filed.  There are 4 separate trial divisions which handle DUI/DWAI cases in Weld County.  Judge Nichols presides over Division 9 cases, Judge Unfug presides over Division 13 cases, Judge Briggs presides over Division 6 cases, and Judge Meyer presides over Division 8 cases.  The Weld County Courthouse is located at 915 10th Street in Greeley, Colorado.  There are 3 court buildings which encompass the Weld County Court: Plaza West, Weld County Centennial Center, and Weld County Court House.

If you've been arrested in Weld County for a DUI offense, you must act within 7 days to protect your driver's license.  It's important to note that the driver's license case is separate from the DMV case.  Thus, those charged in Weld County with a DUI/DWAI often will have 2 cases going on at the same time: a civil case with the Department of Revenue regarding the person's driver's license and a criminal case in the Weld County Court regarding the DUI.   If you either refused a chemical test of your blood or breath or you completed a breath test at .08 or greater, it is critical that you rush to any full service DMV office and immediately request a hearing on your driver's license.  The request can be made at any full service DMV licensing office in Colorado- you don't need to appear at a Weld County DMV office.  The cop who invoked Express Consent should've provided you with a document entitled Express Consent Affidavit and Notice of Revocation- you'll want to bring that document with you to DMV.  At DMV, the agent will ask you if you want the police officer present at your DMV hearing.  Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to this question because each situation is fact specific.  Sometimes it's a good idea to request the cop's presence and sometimes it's not.  An experienced DUI lawyer would be able to give the best guidance as to this issue.

On the other hand, if you submitted a blood test, you must first wait for the results and then go to any full service DMV office to request the hearing once the results have been mailed to you.  It is imperative that you have your current mailing address on file with DMV to minimize any delays in your receipt of the results from DMV.  The deadline for requesting the hearing upon receipt of the letter is short, and will be indicated in the letter.  

Often times people who are arrested for a DUI offenses in Weld County are released on a bond that may include participation in a pretrial release programs (aka "pretrial services").  It is imperative that the person arrested comply with any conditions of release on bond, including immediately reporting to pretrial services upon release.  Pretrial services conditions may include monitored sobriety, restrictions on travel, etc.

In light of Weld County being the third largest county in Colorado by land area, there are a multitude of police agencies which are involved with DUI enforcement.  Some of these agencies include Colorado State Patrol, Weld County Sheriff's Office, Greeley Police, Windsor Police, Frederick Police, Firestone Police, Fort Lupton Police, Platteville Police, Longmont Police, Brighton Police, and the list goes on and on.  DUI officers in these departments range in experience level from "very experienced" to "inexperienced".  The experience of the police officer who charged you with DUI or DWAI and the evidence in the case can certainly impact the defense strategy at the court level and also at the DMV level.

Greeley DUI Attorney Monte Robbins has been practicing DUI, Traffic, and Criminal Defense in Weld County Court for over 15 years.  If you've been charged with DUI or DWAI in Weld County, Colorado don't try to tackle the case yourself.  Contact Attorney Robbins today at 970-301-5541 to discuss your options.  Weld County DUI Attorney Monte Robbins is experienced with both Misdemeanor DUI (1st, 2nd, 3rd offenses) and Felony DUI (4th and subsequent offenses) cases in Weld County Court.   His Greeley office is conveniently located 1 block from the Weld County Courthouse at 710 11th Avenue, Suite 309, Greeley, Colorado 80631. 

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