Municipal Court Offense

Municipal courts throughout the Denver metro area, and statewide, are courts of limited jurisdiction. These limited jurisdiction courts preside over cases involving alleged violations of the city's ordinances. Violations, which are most often prosecuted, include traffic offenses; disturbances of the peace; minors in possession of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol; theft; curfew violations; domestic violence; and animal cases which occur in the city limits.

Penalties for these violations may involve fines and/or jail time. Depending upon the offense and/or jurisdiction, penalties can be assessed as high as $999.00 or a jail sentence of up to one year, or both.

When you are charged with a municipal violation, you need a professional, proactive, and experienced defense lawyer on your side. The Law Office of Monte J. Robbins, Esq. can provide you with the experience and knowledge that is critical in defending against these types of charges.

If you have been issued a complaint and summons to appear in court regarding a municipal violation anywhere in the State of Colorado, contact us immediately at 303-355-5148 or toll-free at 1-888-DUI-COLO (1-888-384-2656) to discuss your options.