Penalties for Denver Traffic Tickets (520 W. Colfax Ave. Courthouse)

The Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse located at 520 West Colfax Avenue handles traffic violations that are prosecuted by the Denver District Attorney's Office under state laws (the Colorado Revised Statutes).  Some of the most common Misdemeanor traffic violations prosecuted are Hit-and-Run, Careless Driving, Careless Driving Resulting in Injury/Death, DUI, DWAI, DUI Marijuana, Reckless Driving, Habitual Traffic Offender, Driving Under Restraint, Driving Under Restraint Alcohol, Driving Without Ignition Interlock, DUI probation violations, Drag Racing/Speed Contest, and Speeding (both infractions and offenses) initiated by the Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol

The Denver Sheriff's Department does not have a traffic patrol division and therefore does not issue traffic tickets.  The Denver Sheriff's Department's functions are limited to  overseeing the jail, court security, prisoner transportation, extraditions, fugitive recovery, K-9 operations, work release, community corrections, and DenverHealth security.

The possible penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense (MT1) is 10 days up to 1 year in jail and a fine of $300 up to $1000.  The penalty for a Class 2 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense (MT2) is 10 days up to 90 days in jail and a fine of $150 to $300.  Additionally, points will be assessed against a driver's record based upon the disposition in the case.  Restitution is possible in any criminal or criminal traffic case.

Some traffic offenses carry their own possible penalty such as Driving Under Restraint, Driving Under Restraint-Alcohol, and DUI/DWAI.  These offenses are characterized as "Unclassified Misdemeanors". 

Both Class A and Class B Traffic Infractions carry a possible penalty of $15 to $100 (plus fines and court costs) and a point assessment against the driver's record based upon the disposition in the case.

Attorney Robbins has extensive experience defending Colorado driver's in Denver County Court.  If you have have been charged with a traffic violation in Denver County Court contact Denver DUI and Traffic Lawyer Monte Robbins today for a complimentary case evaluation: 303-355-5148.