Radar and the Walker Case

In the case of People v. Walker, 610 P.2d 496 (1980), the Supreme Court of Colorado determined that the trial court was required to take judicial notice of the scientific principles of the use of radar. Further, the trial court was required to determine whether the radar used was properly operated and whether it was accurate at the time it detected the defendant driver’s speed.

The Court found that the use of a single uncalibrated tuning was not sufficient evidence to support the speed alleged. The prosecutor was required to show that two (2) tuning forks were used or that one (1) tuning fork was used an calibrated for accuracy within one (1) year of the test to admit the radar evidence.

This case is important to motorists in Colorado who have decided to proceed to trial on their Colorado speeding ticket where radar was used. There are many different ways to challenge a speeding ticket in Colorado. Pursuing calibration problems is one possible challenge.

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