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The city of Sterling is located in the NorthEast corner of the state of Colorado and is approximately 125 miles from Denver.  The Logan District Court and County Court are located off of I-76 and Exit 125 in Sterling at 110 N. Riverview Road, Sterling, Colorado 80751.  The Court can be reached at 970-522-6565.  The clerk's office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Misdemeanor DUI cases in Logan County are heard in the county court division.  Felony cases which result from a person being charged either with a DUI and aggravated driving with a revoked license (HTO) or DUI as a 4th offense are heard in the District Court division.  A new Felony DUI law was passed in 2015 in Colorado which reads that a 4th offense is now a Felony.

Logan County is located within the 13th Judicial District.  The 13th Judicial District is a very large district and encompasses Kit Carson, Yuma, Washington, Sedgwick, Phillips, Logan and Morgan Counties.

There were 113 DUI and DWAI cases filed in Logan County in 2014.  The average BAC of those cases was a .150.

The Colorado State Patrol is very active in Logan County especially on I-76 both Eastbound and Westbound to and from the Nebraska border.  DUI cases in Logan County mostly originate from the Sterling Police Department, the Logan County Sheriff's Department, and the Colorado State Patrol.  These police agencies are active in looking for DUI drivers as well as drug and Marijuana trafficking in the county. 

Attorney Robbins represents clients in Logan County who have been charged with DUI, Criminal, and Traffic offenses.  Mr. Robbins has offices in Denver, Greeley, and Fort Collins to better serve his clients in Northern Colorado and beyond.  Contact him today at 970-301-5541 or 303-355-5148 for a free case evaluation regarding your Logan County court case.
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