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The Significance of Standing Your Ground: Understanding Search and Seizure Law

At The Law Office of Monte J. Robbins, Esq., we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge of their constitutional rights. A pivotal legal ruling by the Supreme Court has underlined an essential lesson regarding encounters with law enforcement - asserting your rights is paramount.

While monitoring a neighborhood known for criminal activity, two officers in Chicago pursued a man named Wardlow after he bolted upon noticing their vehicle. The subsequent chase led to a "stop and frisk," which uncovered an illegal weapon. In court, Wardlow contended the search was unconstitutional, lacking sufficient grounds for the belief of criminal activity. His motion to exclude the weapon from evidence was denied, and the case ascended to the Supreme Court.

On January 12, 2000, in Illinois v. Wardlow, the highest court confirmed the lawfulness of the officers' actions, thereby permitting the weapon as evidence. So, what insights does the Wardlow decision offer? It crystallizes a common belief concerning interactions with the police – attempts to evade can be interpreted as suspicion.

Why did such a straightforward principle necessitate the adjudication of the United States Supreme Court? To comprehend this, it's imperative to examine the intricacies of search and seizure law.

The Fourth Amendment mandates that lawful searches by police must be premised on probable cause - a flexible standard that hinges on substantial evidence pointing to a crime and involving the accused. Ordinarily, a warrant approved by a judge is required for searches; however, exigent circumstances can invoke exceptions.

In Wardlow's incident, a "stop and frisk" rather than a traditional search occurred. Legal precedent permits law enforcement to:

  1. Halt an individual in public when "reasonable suspicion" of their involvement in criminal activity exists.
  2. Conduct a frisk - a pat-down of the person's outer garments - if there are safety concerns about concealed weapons.

Evidence procured during a frisk can contribute to a criminal prosecution only if the initial detainment can be validated by "reasonable suspicion." This standard demands less than probable cause but more than a mere guess, necessitating factual underpinnings for the suspicion.

In the instance of Wardlow, the determinants for reasonable suspicion were dual: his presence in a drug-trafficking zone and his flight upon spotting police officers. These elements satisfied the Court to justify the legality of the stop and frisk.

What if Wardlow had not fled? Although the area's criminal reputation alone cannot substantiate a "stop and frisk," it was Wardlow's attempt to flee that fortified the officers' assertion of reasonable suspicion.

The Law Office of Monte J. Robbins, Esq., underscores the significance of knowing your rights and understanding how to exercise them lawfully. If you have questions about search and seizure or any interactions with police, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 303-355-5148 for guidance and representation grounded in a deep understanding of the law.

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"An excellent lawyer choice for my son who was charged with driving while his license was revoked. DMV had mistakenly sent (3) letters of revocation to the incorrect address, so I hired Monty to prove that my son never knew his license was revoked. Monty kept me informed at all times as to what was happening and what he doing to prove my son's innocence in this matter. We were to appear in court on 29 March 2012 and Monte informed us on 27 March 2012, that the case had been dismissed!!! Monte charged a fair, flat rate for what he did in this matter and should the need arise to hire a lawyer or to recommend a lawyer, I would not hesitate to give Monte's name.” Linda
"I consulted three other attorneys on my traffic offense in Colorado and none of them thought I could beat it. Then I consulted with Monte Robbins. He not only relieved my warrant without my presence in Colorado, but he got my habitual driving offense reduced to an infraction. I was up against the wall on this case but thanks to Monte miracles are possible. I have hired my share of attorneys and Monte Robbins has produced the best results for me yet. After being without my driving privileges for ten years I paid a small fine and am legal with a clean record. I Highly recommend this attorney." Steve
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