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Jackson County, Colorado spans approximately 1600 square miles of mountainous terrain.  Known as the Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado, Jackson County is a mountain enthusiast's paradise with an abundance of recreation opportunities and elevations ranging from 7800 to 13,000 feet.

Jackson County Court in Walden, Colorado hears DUI and DWAI cases originating within Jackson County.  Jackson County is one of the least densely populated counties in the state of Colorado.  According to the 2010 census, the population of Jackson County was 1,394.  The Town of Walden is the only municipality incorporated in Jackson County.

The Jackson County Court is located at 396 Lafever Street, Walden, Colorado 80480 and is open from 8AM-1PM Monday through Thursday.  Misdemeanor DUI matters are typically heard on Tuesday mornings and Felony matters are typically heard one Monday per month.  The 8th Judicial District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting DUI and DWAI matters in the county.

Active DUI and DWAI law enforcement in the county is conducted by Colorado State Patrol's Troop 4B Craig Troop Office and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. 

A DUI charge in Jackson County can arise out of a variety of ways.  Stops are often initiated for minor traffic infractions such as speeding, an expired license plate registration sticker, a malfunctioning license plate light bulb, failure to use a turn signal, weaving, or failure to stop at a stop sign.  Stops for these and other minor traffic infractions can quickly turn into an investigation for DUI.  In a smaller percentage of cases an officer's contact will originate as a so-called "consensual encounter" and then turn into an investigation for DUI.

It's critically important to act within 7 days of the arrest for a DUI in Jackson County to protect one's driver's license.  A request for administrative hearing regarding an Express Consent Revocation may be made at any Colorado driver's license office.  A temporary driving permit will be issued by DMV when the request is made (assuming that the driver had a valid driver's license at the time of the stop).  The hearing will typically take place in approximately 45 days +/- from the request.  DMV will typically mail a notice of hearing letter to the driver a couple of weeks before the hearing is scheduled.  A driver may also contact DMV at 303-205-5613 to check on the status of the hearing request.

All Express Consent Revocation Hearings are held via telephone for Jackson County DUI matters.

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